Music is Passion

Music can set our mood. Music can calm us, pump us up, remind us of events, etc… 

The University of Nevada in Reno did an extensive study on how music can release stress (Releasing Stress Through the Power of Music | Counseling Services | University of Nevada, Reno ( The article explains how different tempos, rhythms, and beats affect us.  The music not only affects our mind, but they are showing that there are actual Physical affects. Have you ever seen an upset baby lay on his/her head on mom’s chest and are instantly calmed. The infant hears the heartbeat of Mom. This is a rhythm, and it is very obvious that it has an affect on the baby.

When songwriters sit and write songs, they work with the tempos, rhythms, beats, etc… to set the mood they desire at that point of a song. They use our natural responses to put us in the mood they want us in. This is one reason why we get real passionate about certain songs.

There are definitely  other reasons that music moves us, like memories. Certain songs are about places we either dream of, or have been to. Some songs are a favorite song shared by us and a friend or loved one. For whatever the reason music just kind of moves us in one direction or another.

Children singing, Choirs preforming, Concerts blaring, etc… All ways to enjoy music, but there is also natural music.

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The sound of wind blowing through the trees. The sounds of the ocean. An echo in a canyon. The sounds of children playing at the park. These sounds are also music, they also modify our moods. This is why we see so many musicians using natural sounds within their music. 

Music is a passion and should be encouraged. Our children and grandchildren need to feel the passion of music. We need to encourage them to explore music. 

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