Shift of Blame

Back in May / June 2020, when DC looked like this:

People were quick to blame the Democratic Party.

On Jan 6, 2021, when DC looked like this:

People were quick to blame the Republican Party

Really? How can either be the fault of the political party? Both parties have been talking trash since the beginning of time. Just because a few radicals get together and incite riots or violate our countries security, that does not mean everyone in the political party accused of being behind the violence agrees with what is being done. Most Americans find these acts appalling. After a great deal of research, I would not blame either political party, even though I am really against both.

Peaceful protests are part of the American culture and we all should encourage them. The problem comes when you are having a peaceful protest, and others show up, and turn violent. This really sheds a bad light on the real issue at hand. Let’s use the BLM protests of 2020. Most if not all of the protests started out peaceful. People felt that there was an issue at hand that needed some attention. In the 11th hour of several of the peaceful protests, other groups came in and broke into businesses. stole, looted, and destroyed neighborhoods. Hey, Someone put those bricks there, Right? The problem is that the media stepped in and made it a big political issue. This unfortunately slowed the momentum that the original peaceful protestors worked so hard to create. The media then divided us even more by making “All Lives Matter” a negative remark to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Yes, All lives do matter, but isn’t that what the Black Lives Matter people are saying. Aren’t they saying their life matters too?

Our politicians have learned to shift the blame to divide this country. The more divisions they create, the easier the people are to control. Politicians have been stirring up crap, and promoting BS since the beginning of time. Just because they spew, does not make us do things we do not want to do. The people that broke the windows and looted businesses back in may / June 2020 should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The people that broke into our Country’s Capitol violated our Country and should be held accountable for their unlawful actions.

Quit letting politics divide us people. Bad guys are Bad guys no matter who put them up to being Bad.