Under The Olive Branch

Have you ever heard someone meeting under the olive branch? Do we even know what that means? Well… Merriam-Webster gives two great meanings for the Olive Branch.

1 – a branch of the olive tree especially when used as a symbol of peace


2 – an offer or gesture of conciliation or goodwill.

The olive branch has been a representation of peace at least as far back as Noah (2458 BC), and is mentioned as early as Genesis. Almost every culture through time held the olive branch as a sign of peace and/or wealth.

Often times The Olive Branch is offered at gatherings, so that people with differences can meet “Under the olive branch” to show respect to the cause and put their differences aside. Funerals are an example of this. Often there are friends and family that want to show their last respects, and sometimes they just do not all get along. When the “Olive Branch” is extended, allowing all to meet under said Olive Branch, all are allowed to be there showing respect.

The time under the olive branch is not the time to mend issues or to even try. If one is motivated to do so, there will be an appropriate time later. This is also not a time for anyone to interject their opinions or agenda. It is a time to quietly show respect to the cause of the meeting.

One thing some people do not know is that when a meeting is et and the Olive Branch is extended. The parties that are meeting under the olive branch are protected by that olive branch. they are protected traveling to and from said meeting. This protection comes from the respect of the Olive Branch.

In those tough times where people that are not seeing eye to eye need to meet together, Extent the Olive Branch, and allow all to meet respectfully, and If you are invited to a meeting Under The Olive Branch, show the respect that it stands for. If you can not show the respect, don’t go.

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