Sad and Lonely

In the realm of sadness, where shadows creep, Lies a soul burdened, a heart that weeps. Loneliness embraces with a chilling touch, A melancholy melody, a symphony of such.

With heavy footsteps, I wander this land, A solitary figure, caught in sorrow’s command. The weight of tears, like a stormy rain, Drenches my spirit, causing endless pain.

The world moves swiftly, but I stand still, Lost in a void, a void I can’t fulfill. Faces pass by, but they don’t see, The depths of my sadness, the depths within me.

Silent screams echo within my core, Longing for solace, an open door. But the echoes bounce back, unheard, unknown, And I’m left to face this sadness on my own.

Oh, how I yearn for a comforting embrace, A tender touch, a loving face. Yet, the emptiness persists, the void remains, A constant reminder of my heart’s deep pains.

In the darkest hours, when night descends, My tears become stars, my sorrow, amends. For within the sadness, there’s a strength untold, A resilience that blossoms from a heart that’s been cold.

In solitude’s embrace, I find solace anew, A chance to heal, to rediscover what is true. For sadness may linger, but it doesn’t define, The essence of my being, the light that’s mine.

So let the tears fall, let the loneliness be, For amidst the sorrow, I’ll learn to see, That even in sadness, there’s a glimmer of grace, A seed of hope, a journey to embrace.

For the depths of sadness can shape and mold, A spirit resilient, brave, and bold. And though the road is long, I’ll walk it with grace, Knowing that sadness, too, shall find its place.

So, I’ll gather my strength, my courage, my might, And embrace the darkness, as it turns to light. For in the depths of my soul, I’ll find my way, Through the sadness and loneliness, to a brighter day.

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