Join our Team

Expose The Truth Magazine is currently a not for profit company and relies an everyday people to write articles, Verify and publish articles, and maintain the website that publishes it all. If you are interested in joining our team you can fill out our simple application at any time.

Expose The Truth Magazine is developing a team of individuals to spread real news to our viewers.

Currently Expose The Truth Magazine is hiring all positions. We are not only setting up a team of publishers and admins, we are setting up our corporate level as well. as we develop over the next year or so, several people will be promoted to be board members and executive level employees. We have recently began adding multiple languages to our platform, and need multilingual people to assist in that. As our advertising base increases, we will have the funding to expand even more.

Positions within Expose The Truth


Our reporters are independent researchers that submit articles for publication. In time, Reporters have the ability to instantly publish articles for quick access for our viewers.

Interested applicants should have a basic understanding of and be able to write in English since that is our primary language. We are expanding Languages every day.

Site Admin

The Site Admins keep the website working and ensures that all policies are being followed. The Admins perform system tasks on a WordPress CMS system, and help Publishers with publishing issues

This is the entry Admin position. Advanced Admins are promoted from within.


Our Publishers proof read articles submitted by the reporters. They review the article to make sure it is accurate and follows the guidelines set by Expose The Truth Magazine

Interested applicants should be a reporter at Expose The Truth Magazine that the company can trust to ensure articles follow our guidelines

Blog Publisher

The Blog Publisher is a person that publishes blogs in the area of their expertise, while following Expose the Truth Magazine’s policies and guidelines.

In time, the blog admin can instantly publish their blog articles without the need of approval

Publishing Policies

Expose The Truth Magazine has policies and guidelines for article submissions and blog posts. We insist that every article comply with these policies and guidelines. the full policies and guidelines can be read by clicking the link below.

Interested applicants should read these publishing policies before applying for any position

Blog Admin

The Blog Admin looks over a section of the blog to ensure that all policies and rules are followed on posts. The Blog admin also chimes in to blogs in his/her section.

Typically the blog Admin has some expertise in the area(s) they are an admin, to allow them better ability to oversee their area